Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson. How can I NOT mentioned him? He was an amazing person, with unmatched talent, a heart for children and helping and changing this world for the better. He is an inspiration for us all. He donated money to and helped countless charities (I remember hearing somewhere that there was over 39 he contributed to). He lived like a child, with animals all over his property, visiting Disneyland and enjoying the company of people. He was remarkable. People say that his couplings were "odd" or "strange", like for instance him and Liza Minnellie, or him and Brooke Shields, or him and Diana Ross or Macaulay Culkin or whoever. But the very fact that he hung out and created these "odd couplings" pays homage to his person: he was like a child, he did not care who he hung out with or who he befriended, just as long as they were good people and he enjoyed hanging out with them. That's all that mattered. That's all that does matter. He knew what was going on. He wanted to change the world, and as he said "It don't matter if you're black or white". It doesn't matter. We shouldn't even have picture captions and articles stating "odd couplings" or the like. It doesn't matter.

Brook Shields spoke at his memorial today. I think she did a fantastic job. She brought his person down to earth, made people see the "Man in the Mirror" as he would say. She painted a picture of the real Michael Jackson, joking, laughing, happy, playful, like a child. He was WELL loved and look up to. He did great things for this world, bringing people together, helping others, and influencing others to do the same. I hope he is remembered for the greatness that he has done. I know he is going to be greatly missed, but when the Big Guy upstairs calls its time to come on home.

This just shows how caring and loving he really was

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