Great Movie

I am a SUCKER for those romantic comedies, or girl power movies, or what is otherwise branded as "chick flicks". They are just so enjoyable to me. I know things like that never happen, but I think that's why I like them so, they are a break from reality. They are like dreams that you can enjoy for an hour and a half, and when you get up, you can still remember them! But, they do have one side effect: they make you hurt. They end up giving you a false hope, that fairytales do come true and there is a prince charming and blah blah blah. There are VERY few of us who will end up with thier true love, and they are very blessed for that. All us others have to settle, or don't even try to find it cuz girl, it ain't gonna happen!

But! There are other good things that come out of it, like the fashion! I'm not a huge fashion guru by ANY means, and I don't go around shopping for names or only wear things because whats-his-face designed it. All I know is, if I like it and it don't cost me an arm an a leg to buy it, I'm grabbin it! I just bought Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 and watched it probably a 3rd time. I LOVE that movie. I don't know why, but its entertaining to me. The girl I take fashion advice from it Amber Tamblyn's hippy-punk/chic character Tibby Rollins. This girl can DRESS! (or at least the costume desingers know what they are doing). I just LOVE her style. And, the thing of it is, her style can be mimiced for pretty cheap. Similar clothing items can be found in thirft stores and other second hand stores for a fraction of the cost of any other style in movies. I spend HOURS searching online, looking for her wardwrobe just so I can get some ideas and pictures. I ended up on a website called Premier Props. This webiste has countless movie memorabilia for sale. Yes the prices are ridiculus, but you can get some great ideas for your own closet.

You should check it out. The fashion is great. PLUS! They have REALLY great man-candy :).

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