On Leave

My brothers are visiting on leave from the AirForce. They are two great guys with a lot of experience under their belts now. They are doing a great service to all of us and is doing my family very proud. One will be returning to Idaho and the other getting stationed in Japan. All I have to say is that they are doing a great and wonderful thing that I myself do not have courage to do. I am very proud of them both. Keep them in your prayers that they stay safe and can daily see the Lord's work in and around them.

Its a beautiful thing when people step up and help others out. We do not have a lot of that in this country. It probably has something to do with what our ideals are, which are along the lines of independence, every man for himself, me me me (which is very relevant with the narcissistic facebook and even these blogs)... Its just beautiful to see others helping others, just because, not because they are getting recognition or paid or whatever. Engaging in these actions, in my eyes, shows a love for people, even those that you do not know. Amazing.