You Better Shop Around

I have always wanted to get a mannequin, but they are NOT cheap. I have been keeping my eye out for these, to see it the prices were ever affordable, but they never have been. Ah, but bliss hath ventured my way. As a department store was closing here in my town, I noticed these two girls walking around, trying to carry a mannequin, but it was a full bodied one (not full body as in "plus size" but full body as in she had the torso, arms to about right below her elbows, and legs to just below her knees. And no, they did not grab a "plus size" mannequin, they grabbed the skinny-never-eats mannequin). I excitedly asked where they got it and they pointed me in the direction. It was sad looking, like a bunch of not wanted, half figured people in a back corner, some were white, others brown, some eggshell, a few men. Some of the girls even had their breasts smooshed in. It was a weird sight for sure. But, I searched and searched. My mom helped me pick her out. I chose to go with a full figured, or what is known as "plus size" mannequin. I think she looks WAY more feminine than those other sticks. I am not just saying that because I want to "be the change I wish to see in the world" (Gandhi), but I truly believe she looks more feminine. Anyways, I have not named her yet, but I am thinking of a really classic, old fashioned, cannot-mistake-her-for-an-unclassy-lady name. Maybe Clementine, or Virgina. I don't know yet.

Well, the waiting definitely payed off. Instead of paying upwards of a few 100 dollars for her, it was the second to the last day and I got her for a steal! Only $25! Good things come to those who shop around.

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