Happy 4th!

We celebrate Independence Day today. A day in which we are to be grateful for our independence. We celebrate the best way we humans know how: we pig out! Ever notice how wonderful eating is!? It is brings people together, and with a great tasting meal, it is VERY effective. Great, all American food brings the talkative side of people. Today, all across the country, Americans will be firing up the grill and slappin on the hamburgers and the hot dogs. Bring out the beers, cut up the watermelon, whip up some potato salad and light up them sparklers, its time! When I think of a "typical" good 'ol American celebration, I automatically think of The Sandlot. When Smalls and the rest of the team enjoy the fireworks (except Bennie, he takes playing ball VERY seriously. What a dedicated 12 year old). So let us enjoy our delicious food and be grateful we are independent. This is a VERY inexpensive celebration that brings people together and having a good time outside, enjoying God's green earth. Even watching the fireworks is free! You get a free light show just for being American! How great is that! HAHHA! :)

Speaking of food though, my dad and I ate at this fantastic restaurant up in Sacramento, CA. We went up there to pick up my awesome cousin Vicky from Utah. She took the Amtrak train all the way over. Fun trip :). Well, we got there 2 hours early so we can look around the city a bit. We did and got back to the train, and then they said it was delayed for two more hours! So what did we do? (After we moaned and groaned for a little while) We ate! We went to Old Town Sac and ate at this LOVELY place called Joe's Crab Shack. Oh man talk about awesome atmosphere! This place was busy, the staff were REALLY nice, EXCELLENT customer service (which is VERY hard to find these days) and they are laid back. Its not too expensive and its very entertaining. Every few hours, they put on the spot lights in the restaurant and they dance to Car Wash by Rose Royce. EXCELLENT! Relieves the stress of the employees and some free entertainment. They also have a great mix of music playing throughout the place. Recent pop, oldies, classic rock, its amazing. When you order crab or, as we did, crawfish, the server comes out and ties a paper bib around your neck. Let's Get Crackin! Haha my dad is happy and ready to dig in! :) Now back to the customer service one more time, they were good. Not too busy for the server AND the manager to stop by a few times and ask how we were doing and if the food was good. Which we were and it was!!!! This was my favorite shirt they had in their shop. They are hilarious.

Well, its time for me to get the food ready to eat up. I am listening to this song right now BTW. :) Enjoy :)

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