Melodical Exposure

Welcome to a new edition of Music Mondays. Well, it used to be called Music Mondays, and it used to come out on Mondays, but now I have decided to change the title and the day it comes out. I still don't have a specific day yet of when I want to post some music I want to share, but we'll see what happens.

Now, for this edition of Melodical Exposure, I thought I would put up Fall Out Boy. I was in the shower this morning and this song came on my phone. It is so catchy, you just can't help but dance when you hear it. The intro melody (before the wind instruments kick in) reminds me of Scissor Sisters' first album. Anyways, This band is really talented. Their guitar riffs are great, their tunes can be haunting and lovely at the same time. Their music just doesn't let you sit still too long without getting up and dancing and singing. Its kind of like dance rock, only it doesn't have that fixed beat in the background: there's variance. Plus the titles of their songs are a mouth full! Makes for some added fascination.

Just a little trivia: The band is named after "Fallout Boy," the sidekick for Radioactive Man, a comic book character from "The Simpsons". Cool :)

Enjoy the tunes!

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