A Christmas Carol

I know it's a lil' early, but I just watched the new A Christmas Carol! Me and my mom and my littlest brother went last night. It was pretty good. I've seen (just as I'm sure you have) many different versions. I really liked the Mickey Mouse version (haha with Scrooge McDuck!) and the Muppets version. But this was good. Jim Carrey was really good. There was also a few other stars in it as well: Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, and Bob Hoskins, to name a few. Even if you didn't know who they were, you can see it in their character's faces! They look just like them! (And all you have to do is listen to Bob Hoskin's character and know who it was, maybe not his name, but his voice is unmistakable.) But all in all, it was a good movie. It was 3D, so there was a lot of pointing and shooting at the audience, but it was memerable. The animation was top notch too, Scrooge's nephew has movements that were really life like (thas the one I noticed first, when he is in Scrooge's office, walking toward the fire place. You'll understand once you see it). You shoulg go and see it for a jolt of holiday fun. It really puts you in the mood to decorate for Chrsitmas, even if it is too early....


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