And we won't come back till its over over there!

Well, he's not technically going over seas, but my little brother is off to boot camp tomorrow. He's enrolled in the U.S. Air Force and is going to serve our country good. I have another little brother who is already doing an awesome job and serving our country. He's been there for about, what, a year and a half already? Geez its been a long time since he left :( Anyways, the one that is leaving tomorrow, Denzel, he wanted to play games tonight. It was pretty fun: him, my mom and dad and myself played a few games. We started with Cribbage. It was Me and my mom against Denzel and my dad. They whooped us! Or, as you would say in the game, they snaked us! They beat us by over I think it was 15 points. Sad. But we followed up with dominoes, all of us against each other, and I won! Yup! :) It was fun, a good way to end the day. As we played we listened to Jamie Cullum. Lisa was under the table trying to get our attention and my other dog Ruby was in my room on my bed, trying to stay away from the dreaded force that is my dad. :) She terrified of him. Poor thing :( Before we played games tonight, my mom, Denzel and I went to church. The pastor called Denzel up and damn near the entire church went up and laid hands on my brother and asked God to guide him and keep him safe from harm. It was really touching. My mom cried. Normal. :) Anyways, it was good fun, and playing games was an awesome ending to a good, peaceful night. So all pray for my brother Denzel that he is safe, and pray for my other brother A.J. and my cousin who is also in the Air Force, Ryan. May God keep them all safe and let them do their duties to their country (haha, doodies... :) )

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